Why We Run

Why We Run

How the idea of “The Run for the Everlasting Cure” came about…..

At our home near Sidney, British Columbia, we had often participated in an annual cancer run called the “Run for the Cure”.

Then, back in 2005, we learned of our Sis. Sarah Culver’s struggle with cancer. At the time we were living in Quito, Ecuador, working with the new ecclesia there, and because so many of our members and visiting contacts had family and friends suffering from cancer, it was a personal struggle for many there also. Our ecclesia picked the last weekend of November of 2005 and we sent out an email to as many people as we knew, asking them to then forward it on to other ecclesias — to get as many as we could to participate on the same day, worldwide. We have participated in special worldwide prayers before for different situations and thought it would be wonderful to have as many as possible share in this day in a worldwide prayer for those we know and love who suffer from cancer and also, to pray for the return of Christ and a kingdom where such diseases will be no more.

Ecclesias and young people groups met at their hall or a park, first thing in the morning — the run/walk was open to as many as could attend. Mom’s with joggers, elderly in wheelchairs, Sunday School kids, neighbours, friends and family of members. Some ecclesias put announcements in their city papers to publicize it, some CYC’s joined with other CYC’s to make it a fun event and others used it as an opportunity to encourage friends to get to know their spiritual community. Pamphlets and handouts were handed out describing our hope of an “Everlasting Cure” to the passerbys who noticed that there was something organized happening in the park.

At our first run in Quito close to 40 people (members, visitors, friends, family, young and old) met in the central park at 9am to talk about our Hope, to individually talk about those we knew who were suffering from cancer and then to have a special prayer for them, to ask for strength to be given them and that if it be God’s will, health. As well, we prayed for soon return of Christ to the earth, for the end of sickness and suffering and the everlasting life that we long for. We then had a 5km Run/Walk with papers pinned on our Tshirt fronts where we had written the names of those who we were running for and thinking of. At the end of the run we enjoyed fruit, yogurt and drinks in the park and handed out some little medals and prizes to each winner in their age division. We talked about ways to help out those who were sick and what we could do as a community to ease their suffering.

Everyone felt that the time together was positive and unifying and something that we should do each year, the last weekend in November. We felt particularly unified with the many other Christadelphian ecclesias and youth groups who had participated with us in prayer. Despite the geographical distance and our differences in culture and language, our little group of believers here felt part of a world-wide body who – when one member suffered, we all felt their pain and suffered with them. It might have been a very small thing to do, but we felt that in some way we were able to share and comfort those like Sarah who were in a time of need.

Since 2005, we have continued the tradition of holding the run on the last weekend in November, and we have been joined in prayer by many different ecclesias around the world.

Make this your year to participate too!