How To Participate

How To Participate

Please Participate!!!

“Where two or three are gathered…there am I in their midst”

The more who participate, the better!! This event has many positive sides to it. It unites us world-wide, it makes us more aware of the needs of our community, it brings us together in prayer, it includes our Father in heaven in our thoughts and prayers, it strengthens the bonds of our community locally and world-wide.

It is a biblical principle put into practice to ask God’s healing (James 5:14-16) and shows those who suffer in our community that we care about them and want to support them. It allows for us to interact as a community in a healthy and positive way, outside enjoying God’s creation and thinking about someone other than ourselves. It fosters relationships with all age-groups within our community. It can be used as a preaching tool, providing an opportunity for us to invite those of our family, friends, neighbours or others who have not yet made a commitment to God, to share in a time of spiritual reflection in a non-threatening environment, and it makes us more noticeable as a group in our towns and cities. It encourages us to come together and brainstorm ideas of ways to help those who are suffering and to open our hearts and homes to others.

If you are interested in participating, this is what you can do. You should start thinking about this now, before this years planned “Run for the Everlasting Cure” on November 25, 2017, (God Willing), arrives.

To organize participation and instill some enthusiasm into your area. You would only need to do the following:

  1. draw up a quick flyer to post at your hall and CYC, and to include in your ecclesial newsletters
  2. have regular announcements made about the run
  3. invite members and friends
  4. find a brother to organize the prayer
  5. have an appropriate flyer/pamphlet to use as a preaching tool
  6. make a banner of some sort that says “Run for the Everlasting Cure”
  7. papers to pin on shirts that say “I am running for…”(where participants can write the names of their family, friends or ecclesial family who are struggling with cancer)
  8. someone to organize refreshments after (water, fruit, yogurt, granola bars etc)
  9. someone to organize the brainstorming session (card making supplies, paper, pens etc)
  10. someone to map out a 5km route either by your hall or in a nearby park if your hall area is not feasible

OPTIONAL: have T-shirts made up (using tshirtimage3.jpg or tshirtimage.png. This design was done by a sister in England, Thania Wilcox)

  • Ribbons or prizes for 1st, 2nd 3rd runners
  • Kids 1 km Fun Run

We encourage adding on to your activities (especially at CYC level) hymn sing/bonfires, fund-raising, preaching activities, short talk on the Kingdom, etc.Please be excited over this idea and “run with it”. We are commanded to share our joys and sorrows, please share in the struggles of those who suffer from this disease and join with us world-wide.

Please pass this along, but first, decide how you can help.

Please also email us with descriptions of any of your previous runs and include photos to add to our photo page!